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ifoundnemo 12/31/2006 11:41 AM

plum question
i have a 90 gal with a corner overflow....coming from the tank, in the bottom are 2 bulkheads. as of now i have clear flex tubing running from them to and from the sump...coming from the drain line it drops about 2 inches or so and goes through a ball valve and then to the sump. so that i can shut the water off if i need to.

i am going to be upgrading my sump to a larger sump in the near future. i also want to get rid of the clear tubing and go to PVC. to give it a cleaner look.

whats the best glue to conect the PVC thats reef safe?
how long should i let it sit before i run water through it?

also is it best to run the PVC as stright as possable or can i run it from one side to the other. the problem i am going to have it the water will come in one side of the sump and out the is it better to have the drain line or the return line stright?
thank you for your help.

staticx 12/31/2006 11:45 AM

Just use pvc glue. takes about 15 min to cure. Best to run your lines straight as you can. I dont think it matters much on the drain but on the return the more turns the more you loose gph.

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