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bigfun 11/06/2007 03:36 PM

haitian condy vs. paly's!!!????
hey all!
my hatian pink tipped condy has finally settled in to a crevice that he's occupied for a while now, but he is just below my paly's and i'm wondering if i should move them and if so how? i also know that the condy may move again too? so..........let me know what you think i should do!


LegendLand 11/26/2007 07:43 PM

do not let the palys get in contact with the anenome..anenomes will kill any coral

boxerzz 11/26/2007 09:57 PM

I double that

dendro982 11/27/2007 07:13 AM

My condy had no chance to stand against yellow polyps - they left burned marks (white, actually) on him, but not killed. Palys should be in the same class with yellow polyps, watch them.

I once moved my condy, gently disconnecting the foot by fingernails (short and smooth edges), and placed it in well-lit place, facing corner or wall (with room for inflation), in 2-3" aside from uplifting flow (Mini-Jet 606, but the same was with power filter: intake is much higher, than the anemone), in the body-sized cave, made from placing 2-3 stones together.
After moving, the flow was out for maybe half of hour or less, during this time condy attached itself to the rock.

cabbage0709 11/29/2007 07:19 PM

My gbta moved around in my tank quite a bit a few weeks ago. In the process it moved right over my central colony of zoas and palys. After watching him move through like an anemone zoa or something, the colony is doing perfectly fine. I dont know if its Condys in particular or not, but my anemone has never seemed to hurt any of my corals and hes touched just about all of em

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