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moneyman 01/07/2008 10:35 PM

Some thought on my water quality
I have a 130 Vista Corner reef. My water quality is as follows:

Temp 78
PH 8.0-8.1
KH 9.6dKH 3.43 meg/L
NH4 - 0
No2 - 0
No3 - <2ppm

Calcium - 350
Magnesium - 1250

Having some difficulty getting Calcium back up to my normal range of 430 -450

I dose with Oceans Blend 2 part. 50ml each in equal doses.I recently bought a new calcium, when it was sent it had a little sticker on it to add 8 cups RO/DI (looked like it was concentrated) however, my original bottle didn't seem to be concentrated
Any help would be appreciated? Thanks

vanmo92 01/07/2008 10:49 PM

How did that prouduct work for you so far?

vanmo92 01/07/2008 10:49 PM

Welcome To Reef Central!

ACBlinky 01/07/2008 11:07 PM


I'm not familiar with Ocean's Blend, so I can't really offer advice on using that particular product since I don't know what's in it.

For a 130g it might be easier (and more economical) to use CaCl -- many folks here buy it in bulk, it's sold as an ice-melting product I believe. I buy it online from an aquarium etailer and it's fairly reasonable - a little goes a LONG way. A few teaspoons should make a big difference in your levels. Once your Ca and alk are where you want them, you can try maintaining your numbers using Kalkwasser (limewater). I drip about 2g per day (2tsp/g) and find it works very well. When Ca or alk dip too low, I raise them with a separate supplement and then go back to the kalk.

HTH :)

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