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bookpile 01/15/2007 03:01 PM

Leather does not look good
This leather has been in the tank about 6 weeks now. It has always opened up fully during the day and looked good. But yesterday it started getting a gray color in its veins. Now today some of the fleshy area is gray also. Parameters are good, all other corals look fine.

Last weekend I dosed with Trace elements, Iodine, and Tech M for the first time. I followed the instructions and underdosed. Also I changed the compact flourscent bulbs last weekend. So it is getting more light then it used to.

So any advice is welcome.



lvreefer 01/15/2007 03:08 PM

Most likely a reaction from the increased lighting.

bookpile 01/15/2007 03:11 PM

Will it kill it or is best to leave it alone and it will recover?

Thanks for the quick response

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