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five.five-six 07/14/2007 09:04 AM

cleaning probs?
does anyone clean they're orp and ph probes, how do you go about doing it without damaging them?

DRC69 07/14/2007 10:05 AM

Good ?? I to would like know.
Any help anyone?
Thanks all

JownsenJesus 07/14/2007 11:18 AM

a soft bristle toothbrush should do the trick.

Bebo77 07/14/2007 12:28 PM

yup with RODI water... then i recalibrate them...

five.five-six 07/14/2007 02:15 PM

well due to my calcium fiasco a week ago, my probes, along with everything else in the tank were coated with calcium. I dipped them in vinegar for a few minutes, until the calcium coating on the glass probe tip was gone and the tip was clear again, then I recalibrated... thanks salfert

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