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ahuxman58 07/10/2007 03:46 PM

Taken at Thunder over Michigan last weekend.
[IMG][/IMG] 2 [IMG][/IMG] 3 [IMG][/IMG] 4 [IMG][/IMG] 5 [IMG][/IMG] 6 [IMG][/IMG]

edwing206 07/10/2007 05:35 PM

Nice pictures. That last one is cool.

LionFish-xS- 07/16/2007 01:21 PM

Thunder over michigan? Is that like Thunder over Louisville?

Big airshow + massive Fireworks display ( we do it as a kickoff for the Kentucky derby week.)

1F2FRFBF 07/16/2007 11:36 PM

Very nice shots - those WW2 era planes are favorites of mine. Thanks for posting!

ahuxman58 07/17/2007 10:46 AM

No fireworks just an awesome airshow.

drummereef 07/18/2007 12:01 AM

Great shots as always, ahuxman58. I like being able to see the pilots in the planes as they are flying. :)

BeanAnimal 07/18/2007 08:05 PM

Thank you for the wonderful photos.

Mine are not nearly as well composed or executed. My editing skills are also very lacking, as well as the length of my lens.

In any case, these folks deserve the bandwidth, no matter how bad my photographic skills are...







BeanAnimal 07/18/2007 08:08 PM







All taken at "Wings over Pittsburgh" June 2007

Thanks again to those who serve...

ahuxman58 07/19/2007 02:41 PM

Sweeeet !!! here are a couple F-15 shots that I have captured,and some various others.
[IMG][/IMG] 2 [IMG][/IMG] 3 [IMG][/IMG] 4 [IMG][/IMG] 5 [IMG][/IMG] 6 [IMG][/IMG]

BeanAnimal 07/19/2007 02:49 PM

I missed a shot of the F-15 knife edge pass with the canopy facing the crowd. It was similar to the bottom view knife edge with the vapor cloud... but it was stunning. It would have been one of those photos that drops jaws. Too bad I was asleep at the shutter. The vapor cloud was beautiful and enveloped the plane instantly with perfect geometric patterns that complimented the wing surfaces... then was gone.

ahuxman58 07/19/2007 04:59 PM

Yeah , Vapor only lasts but a couple seconds during passes, is an awesome sight when captured.if theirs moisture in the air then you'll get some vapor,the F-22 Raptor the new king of vapor pulls some nice vapor ,with the FA-18 close behind, and who can forget the awesome F-14's pulling vapor when that was seen you never forgot it.

BeanAnimal 07/19/2007 05:27 PM

It is a shame the f-14s are gone. I liked watching them... one buttload of power. I have yet to see a raptor fly.

I did get to see the stealth fighters years ago before the public was officially exposed to them. I lived in Myrtle Beach and once in a while when surfing, you would seem the off the coast. I miss the nonstop A-10 flights. My brother got a ride on one several years ago.... and I have several friends that are or were stationed on carriers during combat in both gulf wars.

It bothers me that I am unable to capture better photos of the planes, they truly thrill me. I know part of it has to do with the length of the lens, but I also know that my technique is sadly lacking as well.

IBASSFSH 07/19/2007 08:15 PM

ahuxman58 I love your shots!! We just received here in Arkansas a squad of A-10s. They relieved the squad of Fighting Falcons this year. I believe alot of the vintage planes I saw a few months ago in Chino California are in your pictures. I like the vintage planes, but love the jets!!

rbaker 07/19/2007 09:32 PM

Awesome pictures guys!! Thanks for sharing...

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