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andrewsk 07/26/2007 12:14 AM

PowerBar Questions
I am looking for a powerbar that instead of just a single on/off switch for the 6-8 plugins, has a seperate on off switch for each, allowing me to turn on pumps for water changes etc without plugging and unplugging them in every time.

Has anyone ever seen or recommend a setup like I am looking for?

drummereef 07/26/2007 12:16 AM

You could make your own power center or spring for a controller. I'm lazy so I bought a controller. :)

theatrus 07/26/2007 12:20 AM

Look for American DJ products (eBay and others). They have a nice popular power strip which is cheap. Example listing (no endorsement :)): [url][/url]

Scuba_Steve 07/26/2007 05:21 AM

Musicians Friend and Guitar Center are good places to get the DJ power strips too. I plan on getting 2 for my next tank.

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