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benihana 01/07/2008 08:12 PM

Skimmer Problems
My CSS125 skimmer that I have had for 4 months stopped producing all bubbles. It literally looks like a lift station, as all it does is lift water into the neck of the skimmer, with no bubbles whatsoever.

Has anyone ever experienced this, or know what this is from??

CleveYank 01/07/2008 08:21 PM


salt and or calcium has built up in the can siphon or spray in some vinegar which may clear it enough.

I think they talk about more detail in the above link.

benihana 01/07/2008 08:52 PM

you are correct...I just cleaned it out...and I have bubbles again...Thanks

CleveYank 01/07/2008 09:42 PM

Glad I could help.

In my old homemade white PVC monster skimmer, I would have to place a cup of warmed up to just where it was a tad too hot to touch out of the microwave, RO water and let the air feed tubing suck it into the input and through the venturi to keep good air bubble flow once a month. Different setup completely I bet but you get the idea.

benihana 01/07/2008 10:23 PM

I do....thanks again!

adtravels 01/07/2008 11:11 PM

happened to me I actually discovered that a restricted flow improved my skimming:p

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