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loves saltwater 01/14/2007 08:46 AM

Help With New Pump Purchase
I am going to buy a new return and closed loop pump.I would like to know what pumps are good and what pumps are bad ?

Can I buy the same type for my return and closed loop or should they be a different type.

I thought the Mag Drive was the way to go but I have seen a few post here that say they are nosiy and run hot ?

Last but not least I am on a budget and would like to keep the cost down but want a releiable pump in other words if I don't need a Dart then I don't want to buy one but will if that is the right pump.


AllenFord_SC 01/14/2007 09:51 AM

Will the return pump be in sump or external? The recommended flow through a sump is 3x to 5x tank volume. If this is for your 75 then 225 - 375gph would be a good pump for the return, after factoring out head loss of course.
The CL and return pumps can and probably should be different. You want a closed loop to provide the flow that your return is not giving you so it should be a stronger pump. Remember, there is no head loss on a closed loop so the max rating on the pump is what you will get.
The mag pumps do run a little on the hot side. Pan world, Ocean Runner, Blue Line, and Sequence all make good pumps.

loves saltwater 01/14/2007 10:07 AM

Yes I understand the plumbing part of this.My post here is which are good or bad pump manufactures...

My closed loop will be external and my return will be in my sump unless someone has a better way to do it.

loves saltwater 01/14/2007 09:34 PM


Fish'InMN 01/14/2007 09:52 PM

I have a Quiet One 4000 as a return and a Mag3 as an internal pump on my 40g. Internal means the pump actually sits IN the tank, since it is a barebottom frag tank, no big deal. Both are quieter than the Sedra 3500 on my skimmer, which is barely audible at 10 feet. As for heat added, I'm fine with it since it eliminates the need for a larger pair of heaters!

I DID have a problem with the Mag3 leaking when I tried to use it externally, hence why I use it internally, so this is one thing to consider. The manufacturer, Danner, does say the pumps are able to be run externally but I have heard an unbelievable amount of stories of Mags leaking.

If I were to upgrade and remove the Mag3, I would probably go with a Veloctiy, Iwaki, Sequence or a PanWorld. Each brand has pros and cons, but that's another thread.:D A Sequence Snapper would be nice for a manifold-style CLS; a Veloctiy T4 with a couple of eductors would certainly Rock the Casbah.:cool:


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