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Shrimpster 09/23/2007 02:38 PM

Les see your Scolymia
Post all your scolymia pictures here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CableGuy 09/23/2007 02:49 PM

Here are some I got in the other day.


Shrimpster 09/23/2007 03:06 PM

sweet were did you get them

seapug 09/24/2007 02:04 PM

Here's a pic of mine from about 6 months ago. It's about 3 X size and flourescent red like Cable Guy's now (btw, nice ones, CableGuy). Scolymias are awesome.


reeffish964 10/04/2007 12:27 PM

Wow. Look at the colors on these scolies.

CableGuy 10/04/2007 12:32 PM

My scolly's came from Aussie.

reef211 01/07/2008 01:56 AM

Hi there, what are going prices for scolymia? I beginning to like these corals alot now and i dont want to get rip off from the LFS.
I notice that the green one are cheaper then the red one, is that right? Cableguy how much did you pay for your?

mpruitt307 01/07/2008 06:42 AM

Dark greens are the most common and are the cheapest. The red, purples, oranges,ect are harder to find and so the price goes up. I paid 150 for red and green an 90 for a purple and only 40 for a green.

Mental1 01/07/2008 08:26 AM

Here's an unusual sight -- open and eating -- usually this guy is closed up ...


reef211 01/07/2008 12:38 PM


Can you post some pictures of your scolymia. thanks

slick669 01/07/2008 04:32 PM

here is mine[IMG][IMG][/IMG][/IMG]

JM68 01/07/2008 06:30 PM

here's a pic of my pink and orange...

those aussies above are awesome, i really want one, but i haven't seen one at my lfs for less than 300$


Duce 01/07/2008 06:35 PM

Wow Cable Guy those are some nice Aussie Scoly....where you got them?

Sheol 01/07/2008 09:19 PM

Jm86, Ok I give up? where is the orange?
I lucked out on my Scoly ( plus its pretty young-read:SMALL) the clerk at Pet-O-Rama didn't know anything about the corals in the saltwater part of the store. I now & the have a little flash of guilt, but its fleeting.
Scolys are one of my favorite corals..


JM68 01/07/2008 09:49 PM

The darker parts at the top of the outer section and around the outer edge (that u can see at the bottom of the pic) also around the mouth. You cant c the color difference in the pic just the difference in shades because of the VHO lighting in my tank. Its not flourescent orange more like some of the aussies, its a deep red orange. Its hard to get a pic with accurate coloring because there's a lot of blue light over the tank.

Dradee 01/08/2008 12:20 AM


CableGuy 01/08/2008 12:15 PM

All Three Scolly's came from the LFS in Saskatoon, SK. They are not a cheap coral but I think they are well worth it!


Ephraim 01/08/2008 08:31 PM

You grabbed those in S'toon cable guy? I didn't know there were some good shops in town there. Where'd you pick them up?

Sheol 01/08/2008 09:45 PM

Yeah, I understand. And its a beautiful coral anyway. Congrats!


skewch 01/08/2008 10:50 PM

There's only 1 saltwater specialty shop here, it's called Bayside Corals. Lots of really nice pieces, they really do a good job bringing in the more unique stuff.

lhoy 01/08/2008 10:58 PM

Not the best picture but I got this beauty for $60!!


reef211 01/09/2008 01:58 AM

wow, $60 that's a good deal! how big is it?

josee1013 01/09/2008 12:43 PM

What's the differences between the scolymia and the cynarina???
This is what I have, witch coral is it?


kizkiz 01/09/2008 05:19 PM

Josee - you have a scolymia.

As a rough visual guide, the scolys have sort of concentric rings, where as cynarinas have segments pointing inwards.
This is a cynarina


josee1013 01/09/2008 05:51 PM

thanks KizKiz! :D

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