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d9sccr 12/12/2007 12:00 PM

New tank cycling questions
Okay..I have just re-setup a 90 gallon w/ new LR sand, the whole works...the tank needed an overhaul. I was wondering, during the cycling process, should I be running a skimmer and carbon?

landlord 12/12/2007 12:09 PM

Yes and Yes least I did -- FWIW --landlord

d9sccr 12/12/2007 12:14 PM

okay..I was worried that it would be removing compounds that would stimulate bacterial growth

landlord 12/12/2007 12:18 PM

the bacteria will come.... Just do your water changes and try hard to keep your hands and feet out of the tank and you should be living in tall cotton in 30 to 40 days.

Have Fun!

d9sccr 12/12/2007 12:20 PM


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