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stumpy08 01/01/2008 11:03 PM

New Tank
I have been into salt water fish since 2003. I only have a 30 gallon with 3 fish. I have always wanted a larger tank but have been staisfied with the 30.
Yesterday, a friend of mine gave me a 54 gallon corner tank with stand! My wife and I have always wanted a corner tank so this is like a dream come true. My filter, skimmer and uv filter are all ok to use on the new tank. I will be getting a larger heater though.
The hard part will be the transisition from one tank to the other. I plan on taking most of a Saturday to do this. I am going to pick up extra sand, the heater and start making 24 more gallons of salt water in the next day or so.
Any suggestions to make the switch easier would be much appreciated!

mcox33 01/02/2008 12:33 AM

transfer everything from the old tank including the water to the new tank, then add enough saltwater to finish filling the tank. This works out to a major water change but should product very little if any cycle effects. Just watch the ammonia and if it starts to go up use the bottle of stuff called cycle that most pet stores carry. I know Jo-Mars usually has it and probably most others do to. Just have a bottle on hand incase you need it.

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