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rjrobert 01/08/2008 03:34 PM

Interspecie competition between Euphyllia?
Got a E. divisa (or maybe paradivisa) "frogspawn". I want to built this section of my tank with all Euphyllia species. Will coral in the same family/genus Euphyllia still attack each other or will they live in harmony.

I would like to put the following together
E. ancora
E. parancoraglabrescens
E. divisa
E. paradivisa
The will be going into a 215gallon tank that I created an outcrop of about 3'x2' just for the Euphyllia

The other side of the tank is dedidacted largely to A. millipora. Their is about 8"s inbetween the two outcrops so the Euphyllia tentacles shouldn't be able to reach any of the Acro's

Tank runs carbon 24x7 so water born chem warfare shouldn't be to big an issue between the Euphyllia and the Acropora

Thanks for your help.

gastone 01/08/2008 07:27 PM

The long and short of it is... maybe.

IME frogspawns and hammers are fine being next to each other, but torches can be quite nasty and zap both of them. On the other had I have friends that have had no probs with torches coming into contact with other specie of euphylia.

So, ancora, parancora, davisa, paradavisa, are okay cohabitating, while parancoraglabrescens need their space.


fierceseaman 01/08/2008 08:29 PM

Its a case by case basis a lot of times.

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