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hugo oliveira 10/04/2007 07:26 PM

Hugo's Reef
Hi, my first reef tank have 2 years old, and it has been coming to be updated along this time.

Arrangement of the aquarium (Setup):

Aquarium 70cm x 70cm x 60cm in glass 12mm

It forms - Squared, with 3 faces of visual exhibition

Location of the aquarium - Corner of the room, between the window and the feet of the bed

Piece of furniture - In black iron (70x70x95cm)

Sump 60x60x40 (144 liters)

Lighting - Lamp Giesemann 250W Blau 14000

Photoperiod - 5pm even them 1am (With clock - automatic)

Skimmer Aquamedic 1000 classic

Injection - hydor L40II 2800lt/h 55w

Re-circulation - Koralia 4000Lt/h

Heating - Heater jager 100W

Refrigeration - Weathercock Honeywell 50W

Biological processing - live Rock (it encloses 15 to 20 Kg) and 20 kg fine sand from coral.



Bradly88 10/05/2007 08:37 AM

really nice aquascaping! and a really cool looking monti!! what is that in the bottom left corner? only thing i would change is that i would get rid of that tang!! tangs really dont do well in small aquariums! they need plenty of swimming space!! sorry to be the "tang police"! how about a nice dwarf angel instead?

Chaotic Reefer4u 10/05/2007 06:12 PM

Very nice Hugo,

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