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FishFace28 01/03/2008 11:33 PM

Kenya tree behavior
I recently bought a Kenya tree for my nano tank. Sometimes it draws it's "limbs" up instead of being fully extended. Is this normal or is it always a sign of distress?

lancer99 01/04/2008 02:50 AM

That's normal behavior. They shrink up and look horrible for a couple of days, then look great once they expand.


eshook 01/06/2008 12:10 AM

Mine does this also. I have a few babies from my frags (the amount of frags has tripled in ~2-3 months) and some shrivel more than others but after a day or two they recoop and open up.

vanmo92 01/07/2008 09:24 PM

That is what mine does.

Tank Predator 01/08/2008 03:59 PM


dxtr 01/10/2008 12:35 PM

How about this?
The base or the stalk is turning black; however, the top is fully expanded and looks better than it ever has? Also it is leaning over?

I thought i heard that this is what happens when they are getting ready to move to another location in the tank.
Anyone heard of that?

:( :confused:

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