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ChadOwens 01/10/2008 01:18 PM

How do i do an Iodine dip on my goniopora?
It apears my near blue goniopora has brow jelly on it. How do i do an Iodine dip on it? I have had it 3 days now and it has yet to open.... Is it a lost cause?


JokerGirl 01/10/2008 04:27 PM

It's not a lost cause, but you are going to have to be very diligent with it in the coming weeks. One or two dips isn't going to be enough to make it better.

You will want to pick up an Iodine Solution (Lugols, Reef Dip etc...) I generally use Seachem's Reef Dip. I do a double dose of the Iodine in the water and leave the coral in there for double the time (20-30 minutes). I do this for the first few days twice a day. If it looks like the brown jelly is slowing down after 4 days, then take it down to once a day for a week or until you don't see the brown jelly coming back. Missing even a single dip is like missing an antibiotic dose, which at that point doing anymore is pointless because it will become resistant.

The big problem with this infection, though, is that it will continue to fester under the tissue where you can't see it and you generally won't notice the infection until it's too late.

Keep a very close eye on it, and don't feed it while it has this infection. This is to help keep the possibility of secondary infection down.

ChadOwens 01/10/2008 05:07 PM

Ok, I have Lugols solution.... How many drops do i put in the bowl of water.



JokerGirl 01/11/2008 05:48 AM

I've never used Lugols, but I think it's 40 drops/gallon saltwater for just a normal dip. I'd maybe up the strength to 60 drops and see how that goes.

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