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rs1831 01/08/2008 03:03 PM

Which protein skimmer?
I about to set up a 40 gallon tank and I wondering what some good skimmers are. I would like it to be kind of overkill for this size tank. How are the tunze skimmers? I want to try something different than the remora. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

kdblove_99 01/08/2008 03:15 PM

Do you have a sump?

If so i would get a DAS EX1 or Octopus Extreme 160 from marinesolutions.

rs1831 01/08/2008 03:23 PM

No, I need a hang on the back.

happyface888 01/08/2008 03:50 PM

Octopus bh100 or bh100f or the 300f but that might be over kill its a dual reciric hob

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