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b190again 01/11/2007 12:43 PM

Beginner Lighting
Hi everyone, I'll be setting up a 35 gallon marine tank soon and I'm trying to figure out what lighting fixture to get (how to afford it is the next question haha). There is only one LFS up here in Barrie, Ontario, Aquarium Services or 'Big Al's'. I dunno' if you guys are familiar with this store but I've never been too disappointed with them as a chain, and so I've been using their website to price out my options rather than go to online vendors because I really don't trust something like lighting to be shipped to me.
I have found the Current USA Satellite models to be the most appealing (mostly to do with cost) particularly these 2 models




if I were to buy the single strip 96W PC with 50/50 bulb would it be adequate for a small reef setup I'm planning which would consist of low-light demanding corals anyway (zoanthids and sponges, maybe a colt or xenia)?

Would the double-strip be that much more beneficial (could I keep a calm under it)?

salty3 01/11/2007 12:53 PM

If your going fowlr any light will work you can then go cheaper and get the standered light on the tank, if your going reef you can use these lights but your options will be limited to softys and maybe some sps, I dont think they will be strong enough to do anemones or clams.

salty3 01/11/2007 12:57 PM

I have the 2x96 watt ones on my 30 gal and the open brain and shrooms are doin fine from the light, but not my algae prob. LOL

bobbbm 01/11/2007 01:14 PM

Everyone told me what I started... do not skimp on lighting or a Protein skimmer... Did I listen? nooooooo I have bought 2 of everything :( my point is think about what you really want to keep even a year down the road and buy equiptment for that, not for what you want right now... I hope this helps.

b190again 01/11/2007 01:28 PM

Thanks everyone for the good advice, I am thinking I will buy the 1x96W model, I'm thinking this way I can purchase another 1x96W model later on in order to care for corals that demand a lot of lighting, does this sound feasible?

Thanks again

webbstock 01/11/2007 01:37 PM

Two thing to consider:

If you go with just a single light (50/50) you are basically limited to on/off light cycles. I would prefer 2 smaller lights, one actinic, one high K, so you can "stagger" the lighting some and simulate morning noon and evening

Second thing is with a smaller tank and low light corals, you don't need PC (although they do give more light for later coral choices) but if you want to keep costs low initially, regular Fluor. marine bulbs will work. You can always upgrade later.

WaterKeeper 01/11/2007 01:42 PM

You can also meander through [url=]The Lighting Thread[/url] for a full discussion of lighting.

siding88 01/11/2007 02:37 PM

i personally would go with a hqi pendant that way when u do go with a bigger tank(u know u will) then u can use the same lighting just by adding another pendant fixture or something along those lines, i believe u should always buy for the next tank setup, saves a ton of money in the long run

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