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gunnwong 12/17/2006 09:07 PM

need info on Watanabe Angelfish
I will get this pair of Watanabe Angelfish tomorrow so if any one have any experience with this fish please input here.
my question
1 Is Watanabe Angelfish be ok with coral beauth, flasher wrasse, blue tang, sailfin tang?
(blue tang and sailfin will be move to new home 300g tank with in 3 month)
2 Is 30g quarinteen tank is good enough for this fish?
3 should they be ok in 60g tank for now? around 3 months

Right now I have 60g tank with 30g sump, blue tang and sailfin tang is around 3" now
300g tank will be done with in 3 months
I really want this fish I know it hard to find and pretty pricy but I got a good deal for the pair that why I don't want to pass on this deal. I know I should wait for the new tank to be finish first, but I really want them.

thank you...... sorry for bad gramma and spellling

gunnwong 12/18/2006 03:28 AM

no one have them????

jmccown 12/18/2006 08:50 AM

My sister in law has a pair. She's had them for a month. They are beautiful fish. She has them in a 90g along with a sailfin, a yellow tang and a purple tang. No issues. They all get along great.

snorvich 12/18/2006 01:09 PM

It is hard to advise adding additional fish to a tank that is already too small for its inhabitants.

triggerfish1976 12/18/2006 01:58 PM

60 Gallon tank is way to small for these fish even if they were housed in a species only tank. They are very active (especially the males). My male is easily as active as my Sohal and Purple tangs.
I have kept harems of these fish on a couple of different ocassions and I didn't have any issues with them bothering other fish or vice versa but the males do have a tendancy to be very rough on the females and a 60g tank will not afford the female any room to find shelter.
Make sure that the fish is not swimming iregularly when you buy it because they are notorious for have swim bladder damage and typically will not recover if they have this problem.

Here is a pic of the male I have now and as you can see I have him in with a few other Angels and Tangs and he gets along with them with no issues whatsoever.

jda 12/18/2006 02:22 PM

60 is too small. 300G is fine.

They should be Ok with the fish that you listed. They are very hardy, eat prepared foods and should do well. I have 3 kinds of genicanthus and they NEVER picked on any coral or invert.

They do grow rather slowly.

Mine never got any type of disease.

I got mine in Sept 2004.

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