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NYIntensity 01/11/2008 09:41 PM

I'm upgrading to 120, am I on the right track?
Hi all, I'm beginning the process to upgrading my 55 to a 120, and here's where I'm at. In a week or two I'll be buying some second hand equipment from another RC member who's selling his 120. My tank right now has:

(1) H. Malu or H. Aurora (recuperating from a sickly tank from my neighbor, will know once it grows a bit)
(1) BTA
(1) Pair GSM Clowns
(2) Azure Damsels
(1) Zebra Damsel
(1) Emerald crab
(1) Acan frag with approx 16 heads
(1) Frogspawn coral, about 6"x3"
(1) Unidentified 1/2" clam (yes, it's tiny right now, but persistent)
~30# live rock, 40# base rock with coralline growing sparsely but fairly consistently.

The proposed 120# tank will be 48x24x24. The equipment will be:
Hamilton 2X 175W MH with 2X 110W VHO Actinic bulbs
Large CPR Hang on Refugium with Pump
T-5 fixture for Refugium (24)
E.T.S.S. Protien Skimmer with Pump
Gen-x PCX 40
Koralia #3 and #4
dual wave maker
ProHeat 500W titanium heater with external controller
Sea Swirl

My questions:
1: This tank will be custom and acrylic; I plan on going with euro bracing, but where do you suggest my overflow(s) is(are) located?

2: What direction would YOU take this tank? I haven't really decided on whether I want to be SPS or LPS dominant, or how I want to set the tank up.

FEEDERFISH 01/11/2008 09:45 PM

Coast to Coast overflow!

NYIntensity 01/11/2008 09:50 PM

You mean one that spans the entire back of the tank?

FEEDERFISH 01/12/2008 01:43 AM

yes, they are nice!

Snowboarda42 01/12/2008 03:26 AM

If your damsels are well behaved, I would consider QT'ing them until you're done adding fish to the tank and then adding them last. They can be very territorial, even if they seem well behaved normally in the tank. If they're the devil like everyone else's damsels seem to be, now would be a [u]great[/u] time to get rid of them.

I would go SPS dominant if you want the challenge of keeping clean water, lots of flow, and bright lighting. Its definitely worth the benefits IMO.

edit: Also, a sump and big refugium would be a great benefit if you were to add it...

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