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qfrisco 01/11/2008 11:07 PM

ID Please - aiptasia? :-/
Looks a bit like the pics of aiptasia that I've seen, except the ones in my tank are shorter and stumpier.

Can someone confirm, or otherwise ID these guys? Fortunately, these guys are on a piece of LR right on top of my scape, so should be fairly easy to take out - assuming they aren't anywhere else!



oldschooldino 01/11/2008 11:16 PM

Looks like an encrusting gorgonian to me.

Nicholas89 01/11/2008 11:21 PM

Yeah, aiptasia have smooth tentacles and don't have a 'mat' like that.

qfrisco 01/11/2008 11:29 PM

First of, thank you for the quick responses! Secondly, phew! I'm so glag it's not the dreaded aiptasia. I did a quick search since "encrusting gorgonian" meant nothing to me :-), and I take it these are sea fans?

I have nothing but zoas and feather dusters in my 90 gallon, so need as much help as I can get. Anything to watch out for with these guys? Will they continue to spread? How big could they get?

NealNano 01/12/2008 01:00 AM

look like green star polyps to me wait and see if they turn green

phenom5 01/12/2008 01:05 AM

Looks like star polyps or xenia...But definitely not aiptasia.

sm51498 01/12/2008 03:28 AM

I'm betting its xenia, I've seen it grow like that before.

MarkusII 01/12/2008 03:38 AM


no Aiptasia and no Xenia.
Its a kind of Stolonifera/Clavularia



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