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yiliyang 12/19/2006 04:21 PM

I just lost a Mcorskeri Flasher Wrasse.
I found this beautiful 2 inches long juvi flasher. He was beautiful beyond description, perfect shape and color. I knew I had to have it. I paid for it and let the LFS hold it for 3 days for me.

2 days later I took it home, I put it in a 30 gal with only 2 small fishes in it, a small maroon clown and a red spotted sand perch. THe sand perch is a nasty piece of ****, it viciously attacked the flasher. I did not even have time to react. The poor little flasher keeps flashing in hope the perch would leave him alone, but the perch keeps biting him. by the time I was able to fish the wrasse out with a net after a lot of work, I put him in a over populated 55 gal reef tank. He looked really shocked and did not look like he was interested in food at all. He had 3 rips in his beautiful fins and looked really stressed out. He hide in a corner of LR and just sat there. yesterday morning I saw him for the last time in the morning feeding, and then never again.

I am almost convinced that I will have to kill the sand perch for killing my wrasse, but I feel it would be unfair to the perch as it is only in his nature.

If you are reading this, please be careful when you get another fish. If it is aggressive, remember it will cause problems down the road. Please be wary of red spot sand perch as it is so nasty.

I find myself hit very hard by this event. I am not even upset about the $40 I spent on the flasher wrasse, but more upset such an incredible beauty perished because of my lack of better judgment.

SDguy 12/19/2006 04:33 PM

Sorry to hear that. Real bummer. I lost a McCosker's to a crab a while back.

FWIW, if the sand perch didn't get him the Maroon probably would have. Both aggressive fish, especially to such timid small fish like a juvi flasher wrasse.

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