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luv2reef 01/12/2007 07:12 PM

WOW, I leave for a week, let my roomate take care of the tank.....feed the fish and I get home and all my rockwork is toppled over and my softies (blasto and xenias) are nearly gone. Anyone else have experience with this. How do I get my corals back healthy again, I already did a 25% water change and a phyto target feed any other suggestions.....Thanks

luv2reef 01/12/2007 07:13 PM

Not to mention my roomate tells me...."I didn't even notice the rocks knocked over" and "That sucks"...I was ready to kill him!!

drummereef 01/13/2007 05:25 PM

Sounds like you need a new roommate! What are your tank current water params?

luv2reef 01/14/2007 03:26 PM

water params look nitrate and nitrite near 0 and 0 ammonia

jski711 01/14/2007 09:16 PM

7.2 ph is low. it should be at 8.0-8.2

Aliie 01/15/2007 07:57 PM

It happens to me from time to time but usually when I am chasing something down in the tank or trying to dig something out.

What does you rock work look like?

Klownfish 01/16/2007 01:10 PM

IMO Xenia either likes your tank, and will grow no matter how hard you try to kill it. OR... It just doesn't grow at all for some people. Since it was doing well before, it should bounce right back.

dustin323 01/16/2007 02:53 PM

How did your rock work get messed up? Seems like your roommate might have been toking it up.

Aliie 01/16/2007 05:17 PM

That is a good one Dustin! You would think I was from the balancing act I play in my tank. My clown likes to rearrange my corals and throws my tank off balance. I have stripped it down to make adjustments so now it's bare and a balancing act. Looks weird.
Luv2reef: any pics you could share for ideas?

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