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Cope 01/05/2008 02:18 PM

Why is it so hard to post picks on this forum?
I use a few other forums, non are as hard as RC to get picks up?

I never had to register to a third party resizing company?

Any way I did and resized my picks( very lame in my opinion, Now I need to save two files of each pick, one in standard format and one resized for RC:confused: :rolleyes: )

I still cant up load picks?

Is there an on line guide to posting picks on RC?

I guess it's just me,but I have read some other posts about folks who are in the same boat as me?


Cope 01/05/2008 02:27 PM

So I found the link on the bottom of this page, not posting from the drive is strange?

Cope 01/05/2008 02:29 PM

Gonna try posting to the photo gallery? see if it works that way?

dc 01/05/2008 02:41 PM

A lot of people use photobucket.

Toddrtrex 01/05/2008 02:43 PM

I use photobucket to host all my pictures, find it really easy to post them.

And it should be noted, that if you try to post your pictures in the forum, they won't show up, the IMG tags are turned off here, and I believe the vendor forum too.

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