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Blue Deuce 12/04/2006 07:02 PM

Can't find this forum function
Maybe I am slow but on my photography forums if I go to user CP I can see all the threads I have posted in or threads I have started. Is this feature available here ?

Illuminati 12/04/2006 07:24 PM

If you look under the "reply" box you can see a button that allows you to subscribe to a thread. It will show up on the control panel when new posts are made.

Blue Deuce 12/04/2006 08:11 PM

Thanks. I feel a little embarrased.

dinoman 12/04/2006 08:26 PM

:) Also if you click <a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a> that appears above every one of your posts it'll bring up every post you've ever made.

Blue Deuce 12/05/2006 09:18 PM

Thanks for that tip too. I was kinda wondering if you could do that here.

Learn something new everyday.

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