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cpage3 07/28/2007 04:21 PM

Looking for Black Ocellaris clowns
Hey everybody,

I am looking for a pair of Black ocellaris clowns if anyone is looking to get rid of them. I would also be looking for single black occ's if any one has them.

I can pay cash for them, trade for them as well or a combination of both. I have RPE's, plenty of hammer coral, a very green slimer, pavona danae (havent ever seen this in the store, or online for that matter), orange cap, purple cap, and some other miscellaneous stuff.

thanks for looking

talon4x4 07/29/2007 10:10 AM

They have a pair at The Fish Store in Tonawanda, or did last week when I was there.

I can't for the life of me remember what they wanted for them.

suppressivefire 07/29/2007 05:18 PM

reef creations/ aqua tech has one black clown $45 i think

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