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serhiyi 09/08/2007 06:51 PM

Frogspawn skeleton is cracked
I just got frogspawn coral from local store. It has two heads.
I did not see it in the store, but when I was going to put coral in my tank I found that the skeleton is cracked. The crack goes across both heads and down to the "root".
I can't call to the store because they are closed for today and they are off tomorrow. Will try to contact them on Monday.

I think if I pull apart two fragments of skeleton I will see how coral live inside :( Those to parts of skeleton are holding together somehow (I think coral is keeping them together).

Is it something to warry about or my coral should be fine?
It does not open well now, but it needs some time to adjust to new conditions.

I don 't want to loose it, please help.

cpage3 09/08/2007 07:23 PM

super glue
just use super glue to glue the cracks in the skeleton together. I had a single head that was cracked in half, that I just superglued together, now it has near 20 heads. It healed up fine
just my input,

serhiyi 09/08/2007 08:13 PM

Thanks for reply.
It is good to know it can heal. I used epoxy around the "root" to hold skeleton together and attached it to the rock. I do not have supper glue around. It might be toxic, isn't it?

Looks like coral doing fine - I had it for about 3 hours in my tank. It is twice as big now. This is with only half light on (I use 4x65w).
Will check on him tommorow. Cross my fingers... I like it... green with pink tips... nice.

I'll post updates.

reeftankjunkie 09/09/2007 05:45 AM

Super glue isn't toxic. If you go that route, get the gel type. You may also try to see if you could get a rubberband wrapped aroud the crack in the skeleton to hold it all together.

serhiyi 09/09/2007 10:52 PM

Looks like coral should be fine.
I used epoxy just to hold it together and attache to the rock yestarday.
It looked healthy all day today. Both heads were out. I will continue to monitor it, but I'm not warried now.

lechee12 09/10/2007 12:11 AM

just crazy glue the crack and it'll be fine...i cracked a head of frogspawn before and the 2 parts just became separate heads :p

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