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Faisal1976us 12/13/2007 01:33 PM

acclimate new acropora !
Hi ,,,,

tomorow i will bring new acropora from LFS ,

How to acclimate new acropora !

bobbet43 12/13/2007 02:05 PM

my way is, float bag for 30 min, then drip acclimate for atleast 1 hour. haven't lost 1 yet, atleast not from acclimating

Jefe12234 12/13/2007 02:21 PM

I float mine in the bag for 10 minutes or so, then drop it in. Haven't lost one this way either. Some people also hold the coral in the air for a minute or two to get it to slime up. Then when it goes in the tank the slime supposedly shields the coral until it dissipates (sort of an in-tank acclimation).

Grunt007 12/13/2007 06:16 PM

If your in the" rather be safe than sorry group", personally I'd go w/ a 1-2 hour drip acclimation. Generally animals have a harder time going from lower salinity levels to higher levels, so the difference between your tank and the water the coral comes in will dictate the amount of time.

2crazyreefers 12/13/2007 06:19 PM

I use the pull it out of bag put in tank method,works for me. A friend told me once that he always figured his tank water was better than the water in the bag so thats what he does too.

143gadgets 12/13/2007 06:21 PM

Float it for temp, dip it, then dip it again. Then drop it in.

Grunt007 12/13/2007 06:22 PM

[QUOTE][i]<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=11379434#post11379434 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by 2crazyreefers [/i]
[B] A friend told me once that he always figured his tank water was better than the water in the bag so thats what he does too. [/B][/QUOTE]
FWIW That does nothing for osmotic regulation. The animals tissues have to balance their salt content according to the salinity of the water they are in.

2crazyreefers 12/13/2007 06:26 PM

I think I am just lucky when it comes to sps.

juan bueno 12/13/2007 08:28 PM

I just throw it in the tank, haven't lost one yet. i let it sit at the battom for couple of days so it can get used to my light

TomRep 12/13/2007 10:48 PM

I used to just float the bag for awhile, then take them out and let them sit in the air a bit, then drop them in. However, due to the little bugs all over my acro's right now, they are definitly getting dipped in some iodine solution, Interceptor, and whatever else I can find from now on before going into the tank.

flyyyguy 12/14/2007 12:52 AM

float to temp, slime up for a couple minutes and into the treatment bucket they go

rama 12/14/2007 10:07 AM

I drip acclimate while bag is floating and put toward the bottom of tank at first and then move to desired position.

Faisal1976us 12/15/2007 05:07 AM

yesterday i bring 4 acroporas 3 of them bleaching ! i think they is dying !!!

why !

250 L 150 w with blue ca 460 alk 5.8 meq/l mg 1400

i have hard and soft corals all is fine , only acroporas !

any one help pleaaase :(

wentreefgirl 12/15/2007 08:35 AM

What most of you are lacking is your dip method. Just acclimate and put in your tank. All of you will be on here in soon asking, why are my sps dying. They acclimated fine and did fine for a month. Dipping is just as important as acclimating and part of it.

Faisal1976us 12/15/2007 10:11 AM

Ok ,,,, can you tell how dip method !

vangogh121 12/15/2007 10:56 AM

Float bag for an 15 minutes. Put in tank water with Interceptor and Tropic Marin coral pro cure for 1 hour the drop into tank.....

I would never put an acro straight into my tank..... Bugs nudies and flatworms Oh MY!

vangogh121 12/15/2007 11:07 AM

[QUOTE][i]<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=11389639#post11389639 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by Faisal1976us [/i]
[B]Ok ,,,, can you tell how dip method ! [/B][/QUOTE]

I do it like this.

3 gallon rubbermaid bin filled enough to cover corals. I use one of the little spoons from my Calcium test kit and measure one spoon of crushed interceptor and three squirts of Tropic Marin Pro Coral Cure... Let site for an hour with a small power head... Shake off and drop into tank... This works well for me.

bobbet43 12/15/2007 11:20 AM

i know i forgot to mention the dip, i just assumed that everyone dips, but i know allot don't, it has become second nature to me after fight aefw's. i always qt them for a month. 10 gal tank with mh's with sw straight from my display, setup while the piece is acclimating. you may have eggs that won't come off during dipping

Faisal1976us 12/15/2007 12:11 PM

can i use for dip( Kent Marine Concentrated Iodine Supplement)


flyyyguy 12/15/2007 12:21 PM

oops :)

wentreefgirl 12/15/2007 12:28 PM

Yes you can. I use providone iodine from walmart. Couple of drops in the acclimation pot. I pour contents of bag into a large bowl. Add the iodine. And then drip acclimate. Turn the flashlight on the specimen while acclimating to look for other signs. I dont use interceptor for the dip because to be effective you have to keep it in for 6 hours otherwise it would be like not using at all. I look for the buggers as well as nudi and aefw eggs. I acclimate over a 1 hour period and then place at bottom tank close to the front where i can use the handy dandy mesoscope to make sure there isnt anything i missed.

wentreefgirl 12/15/2007 12:29 PM

I do keep interceptor, fluke tabs and prazipro just in case i see something.

flyyyguy 12/15/2007 12:31 PM

for those of you advocating drip acclimation.

fyi- once you open the bag it offgases the co2, the ph rises and at that point any ammonia becomes toxic. this is of course more or less imprtant depending on the condition of the water in the bags, but the only time drip acclimation makes any sense whatsoever IMO is if the salinity of the water in the bag is signifigantly less than your tank water, and even then I think a longer slime acclimation will work just fine

otherwise, get those poor animals out of that dirty water immediately after floating to temp

bobbet43 12/15/2007 03:26 PM

thats the first i've heard of offgasing co2, ph rising and ammonia becoming toxic. can you piont us in the direction where to find out more about this? sounds interesting

SecretAgentMan 12/15/2007 11:14 PM

I work at a LFS, and this may suprise some of you but when we get 100 Acro colonies in we dont have the time to acclimate each one. I just unbag them and place them in the frag/SPS tank, no acclimation, and our survival rate is pretty good (~90%)

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