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spankey 01/06/2008 02:02 PM

Hi everyone. I am still here and wanted to share some bored Sunday photos...
Figured I would share some eye candy. I was bored today, and snapped some photos.... I have been very busy lately with work and kids and allot of people thought I fell off the face of the reefing comunity.....

Full tank shot. Its packed and I need to weed very soon! LOL :)





Superman Monti...



Green Palys

spankey 01/06/2008 02:03 PM



Radioactive Dragons

Mint Chocolates


Anyone have any idea what this is??????? Nice find though..

BRISK495 01/06/2008 02:26 PM

Sweet! Bigger tank sal!!! hahaha

Jay4Robin 01/06/2008 02:38 PM

Very nice Sal!!!

spankey 01/06/2008 04:23 PM

Thanks guys, we might be looking to move soon so a bigger tank just "might" be in the making. I need to scope the new house around my "new" tank! Hint Hint Hint.....;)

Jay4Robin 01/06/2008 04:25 PM

[QUOTE][i]<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=11535600#post11535600 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by spankey [/i]
[B]Thanks guys, we might be looking to move soon so a bigger tank just "might" be in the making. I need to scope the new house around my "new" tank! Hint Hint Hint.....;) [/B][/QUOTE]


spankey 01/06/2008 04:28 PM

Yeah we are actually looking but don't want to rush into something we really don't think we will be in for the next 15-20 years. I want to make sure its what we all want as a family.... Close to the schools for the kids to walk to when older, good location for surrounding family and of course must have a nice BIG wall or finished basement for the "new" tank!!!!!! I have always wanted a finished basement with an in-wall tank and a nice fish room on the other side..... "Dream on though"......

Jay4Robin 01/06/2008 04:30 PM

It is a buyers market now. A ton of 2 year olds are for sale near me. Also a new development near me are really hurting for sales. You can get a custom home built for a great deal.

spankey 01/06/2008 05:01 PM

Yeah I agree, right now actually we are looking at a house about 7 blocks from where we are now. Gorgeous property, nice big yard with a fence which would be great for the mutts and oh, the kids too! The only thing is I think they are asking way to much for it and its been on the market now for a year and they are barely dropping the price. My concern is selling my house, I would hate to sit on a house for a year with two payments.

That would mean no new corals for me :(........

MinibowMatt 01/06/2008 05:54 PM

In Wall!! In Wall !! DO IT! you wont look back!

Seriously I was wondering if you didnt like us or something!
Your tank is looking awesome Sal. I really want to see it in person!

Lmk when your fraggin! looking for non-acros....

spankey 01/06/2008 06:10 PM


Never would I not like any of you! This club has a great backbone and a hard driving force behind it! I have just been so dang busy I lost track of people and keeping in touch. I am going to join you can count on that. I also was planning on bringing frags to your last meet but my wife made plans for me that weekend without me knowing it until the last minute. I won't be able to make January's meeting but count me in for February! That is if you guys haven't met yet for January.

I also wanted to make the christmas party too but I had my young son that night and I really didn't feel like chasing him all over Jay's Mansion!!! (JK LOL)..... Plus if I came I wanted to be able to drink a little and having kids with is a NO NO for me......

Any rate, Matt you have any frags you want. You would have to let me know what and when you want em'......

Nice talking to all of you!

Jay call me I need to ask you something!


MinibowMatt 01/06/2008 07:41 PM

I was just kidding! Believe me I know how troublesome life can be!

Try to make it out to February's meeting. That one is at my place ;)
I am thinking it will be in the afternoon on Feb. 23. I am not certain of that date though.
Saturday the 12th is in KOP too.

Tank Predator 01/06/2008 10:17 PM

very nice

fraggin 01/07/2008 05:01 AM

good to see you are still around Sal, was going to msg you and see if you where still breathing lol.
tank looks good as always.
i notice you went to hydors too, how you like them?

spankey 01/07/2008 06:29 AM


I modded the hydors and they kick some serious flow. I tried several options, Tunze Nanos' Loved em'.

Then Maxi jet mods, liked em too, seio's on a controller, liked em but they are way to big.

Then got two Hydor 4's for free so I said, what the heck. Give em' a shot. So I modded them with a new prop, the new cone on the face closes up the pattern on the flow and they are really moving some water.


MinibowMatt 01/07/2008 06:35 AM

that looks like a little scoly.. sometimes I see those marked as atlantic scoly's... I dont think it is though.

I have one I am recooping too. I dont think it will be as colorful as yours though.
If you ever want to unload that, I want it!

spankey 01/07/2008 06:45 AM

Atlantis has what appears to be very similar to what mine looks like that is called the pacaso ultra? I mean there is NO way its' worth $400 in my eyes, however my wife walked in the front door and that was the first coral that popped out at her from 10 feet away!!!! She went right over to the tank and said "OMY GOSH THAT THING IS AWESOME"...

She very rarely gets involved to the point that she is over at the tank starring but yesterday she was......

I thought it was totally cool as it looks like someone hit it with a paint brush. :)

spankey 01/07/2008 07:28 AM

Matt this is the one Atlantis aquarium has on their website and they both look very similar in colors? You tell me what you think????

I think I got very lucky with this find and what I paid for it!


MinibowMatt 01/07/2008 07:50 AM

where did you find it, and for how much (if you dont mind) You can pm me if you want....

spankey 01/07/2008 07:53 AM

I got it at Something fishy and I paid $65 ;)

I asked how much it was and the girl said $65. I hope she wasn't wrong and it was more, I wouldn't feel to good knowing it was more and I got it for way less:(

MinibowMatt 01/07/2008 08:06 AM

good deal!

very good deal! I need to go up there more!

krikor 01/07/2008 02:04 PM

Matt if youre heading up there, id like to go on a weekend sale day... =0)

Just Jim 01/07/2008 03:39 PM

Tank looks good. Did you have the Hippo last time I was by? That superman I got off you really pops with my 12k reflux bulbs! Nice to see those zoos opened up....

ribs 01/07/2008 11:06 PM

That's so sweet! A Baby!!!!!!
Feed her well and she'll be a big bushy catchy centerpiece for sure.
Keep an eye out for "Tiger Stripe Scolymia"

a1amap 01/07/2008 11:19 PM

Simply amazing corals. Have you ever thought about creating a thread detailing your equiptment, maintance, and dosing? A little light reading for the rest of us to drool over.

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