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Flint&Eric 01/01/2008 06:14 PM

thread help....?
i had a thread in the equipment forum reviewing our deltec mce600...and it is no where to be found. i've tried using google search and RC search. i was also subscribed to it, and when choosing "since the begining" in my user cp, it does no show up there.... any ideas?

it's highly possible i completely over looked it, but i'm not the only one who cant find it which is why i brought it up here.

dc 01/01/2008 06:36 PM

Click on the magnifying glass on your post and go through your posts.

Anemone 01/01/2008 06:39 PM

This one?



dc 01/01/2008 06:45 PM


Flint&Eric 01/01/2008 06:50 PM

just found it myself too...very odd...tried that earlier today with no luck, must have skipped right over it. thanks guys :thumbsup:

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