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slclink 01/13/2007 12:35 AM

leather coral help
have a finger leather that is has been doing great. Lately I have noticed a red area on the base of the leather. I thought it may have been a small area of cyano but it would not blow off. I then scraped it off with my finger nail and it was hard like coraline. Any Ideas??
ok water params
ph 8.3
CA 320
alk 9.3 dkh (3.43 meq/L
nitrates 0
nitrites 0
ammonia 0
Lighting 6bulb 55w T5
tank size 55gl

Now i know this slime stuff is bad. Every time I scrape the stuff off the tissue flakes off and it is white. Any ideas what may be causing this? Any solution to it? I am getting tired of having to scrape it every 2-3 days

slclink 01/13/2007 12:54 AM


Steven M 01/14/2007 09:40 AM

I just take a turkey baster and blow the stuff off. Not all well come off, that did not seam to bother mine.

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