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clickrs 01/09/2008 10:16 PM

Live Rock for Sale
Hello, I rearranged my tank because I had to much rock and not enough space for corals (basically I had a SW tank full of LR and a couple of corals with 2 fish).

So now I took out about 20 lbs. of LR that I would like to sell. It had beautiful color to it with all the coraline, unfortunately it is starting to get a brown diatom on it from being in another container with just a Fluorescent light on it).
Anyway, one large piece is about 15lbs. (17"L 10"H and 10"W) it is cave shaped and came from Dr. Macs. the other 5 or so lbs. I still need to weigh.

Would like $2.60 a lb. pick up in 18974 area.


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