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newsalt 01/09/2008 10:12 PM

Stopping Splashing
Is there a way I can minimize the splashing that goes on in my sump. The overflow pipe and the output of my skimmer empty into the overflow section of my sump. Both pipes are about an 1" above the water level and I get lots of splashing that is leaving salt creep everywhere. I was told to keep these pipes above water because there should be an air gap. Can I do something to reduce the splashing?


bugitup 01/09/2008 10:16 PM

You can use a filter sock or maybe some blue and white filter pad.

Snowboarda42 01/09/2008 10:20 PM

I have both of mine submerged to 1" from the bottom, not a problem with either.

superedge88 01/09/2008 10:24 PM

Here's a pic of a good way to introduce your water into your sump. Make the vent pipe as tall as possible so that no splashing makes it out the top. You can even add a sponge muffler to the top of the vent pipe to silence it even more. The pipe that goes down into the water should be go down as far as possible, within an inch or so of the aquarium bottom, this will make for less micro bubbles.

reefkeeper135 01/09/2008 10:25 PM

Not sure what kind of skimmer your running, but to minimize splash in my sump I used a flexable plastic strip tied to skimmer...see photo
[IMG] [/IMG]

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