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dogginfox 01/09/2008 03:36 PM

MAG 24 Problem
My Mag 24 sump pump has had a substantial drop in water output over the past week. I took it apart and the alignment hole on the faceplate has broken off and has caused the impeller to shift to one side and now the impeller magnet looks all beat up. I know i need to order a new faceplate but im not sure about the impeller. Any suggestions or comments?

Anyone know where the cheapest place to purchase these items would be?


DanInSD 01/09/2008 04:00 PM

The impeller will be easy, you can get them from, e.g. Marine Depot. I get the nagging suspicion that you will have to special-order the plate from the manufacturer. Might be more trouble than it's worth. That's a heck of a pump for such small systems, BTW!


dogginfox 01/09/2008 04:48 PM

I found a retailer that sells both parts, Im just wondering if i should go ahead and buy a new impeller since it shows slight signs of damage or if i should just buy the impeller cover.

DanInSD 01/09/2008 05:19 PM

A damaged impeller will be noisy. Even a little damage to one tooth will result in imbalance/vibration. I'd replace both.


compulou 01/09/2008 06:19 PM

Go ahead and order both. And if it turns out your impeller is fine you've now got a spare.

And spares in this Hobby are real NICE!!!

dogginfox 01/09/2008 06:57 PM

DONE! I ordered a replacement Impeller Cover and Impeller for $40.35 Shipped to my door.

Thanks for the quick replies everyone.

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