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rommelgin 01/07/2008 01:31 PM

gauging interest: Brand new 150G For sale
Sucks i have to downgrade...... but i think a 150g is just too big for my tiny condo so I am selling my tank. 1/2'' thick, eurobraced, overflow located in middle rear of tank. Comes with Maple stand, durso standpipe, 2 3/4'' sea swirls for returns. Brand new 40 gallon aga breeder i was gonna use for sump. No plumbing done yet so you can configure your own plumbing. Still debating if i wanna sell my Octopus NW200 skimmer and 2 K4 PH's or hold on to them for when i upgrade later down the road. (Again all brand new equipment.)

break down

. 150 gallon 1/2'' eurobraced acrylic tank 60x24x24
. Maple stand 36'' tall
. Durso standpipe
. brand new AGA 40b for sump
. (2) 3/4'' SS for returns

This is all brand new and never touched SW except for the SS's that i got from a fellow reefer here on RC.

$1000 obo takes it all. Might consider trade for a smaller set up. 75 gallon or so. Acrylic preffered.

Thanks guys!

rommelgin 01/07/2008 01:39 PM

Oh btw, it is a black back.

Blu50Stang 01/07/2008 03:13 PM

Can you post pictures of it?

rommelgin 01/07/2008 03:33 PM


Heres some not so great pics
Staining i did myself thats why it doesnt look that great. If your a good DIY'er you can strip it and re-do the staining. Didnt have much room to really do a good job on it since it got stained after i moved it in.

rommelgin 01/07/2008 05:35 PM

Sorry, meant to price it at 700 for BAR Folks. 1000 if i post it on craigslist.

Rekonn 01/08/2008 02:53 PM

Nice tank! Shame you gotta sell it. What are the dimensions of the AGA breeder? You may be able to still use that for a sump if you downgrade to a 75.

rommelgin 01/08/2008 03:02 PM

Thanks Rekonn, tell me about it! I hate to have to get rid of it. over a year now i been planning this setup but it really is just too big for my place. If i had a place to store it i would never sell it but my 5.5 gallon is getting boring....i need a bigger display! LOL..

The Breeder i think is 36x18...not too sure but i can definately use it for a sump if i find a 75 gallon.

rommelgin 01/08/2008 03:07 PM


40 breeder tank is no longer being sold with the tank. Price adjusted to 650 for just the tank and stand. Thats almost the price i paid for the tank alone after taxes!

My 5.5 gallon cracked the other night so i had to move the contents of my nano to the 40 since it was the only extra tank i had laying around. 5.5 is going to be replaced later...... that i think about it i should have just moved the contents of my nano into the 150!! Would be dealing with some nagging for a little while but i think it would be worth it....LOL!

Apon 01/08/2008 03:12 PM

who is the maker of the tank?

rommelgin 01/08/2008 03:18 PM

Tank was built at World Marine Systems here in San Jose.

theJMGproject 01/08/2008 06:55 PM

Rommel, sorry to hear you have to downgrade. At least your still in the hobby. Let us know what you end up with man.

BTW are you still looking for sand?


yama63 01/08/2008 10:47 PM

if i could talk the wife into it i would tarde you my tank?

rommelgin 01/08/2008 11:11 PM

All PM's replied pending.

Garett, hows it going. Yeah it sucks but i can always get the bigger one when i get into a bigger place. BTW i think i have more than enough sand now. Thanksn for asking tho.

yama, i would so much rather trade for a full set up than sell it thats for sure. But i have a few things in mind for my next set up so i have something fun to look forward to.

Thanks for al lthe interest. Will let everyone know if it falls thru.

hawaiianwargod 01/10/2008 09:39 PM

:( ....Stay with us soldier!

rommelgin 01/10/2008 10:27 PM

Sup J......this soldiers not withdrawing thats for sure! Still got the bug in me. Just want to an elos!! hahaha! (yeah right)

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