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kar93 10/24/2007 09:27 AM

should i drip acclimate my corals or just keep adding tank water in the bag?

if i drip my corals CAN I DRIP corals and shrimp in the same bucket

sir_dudeguy 10/24/2007 02:42 PM

drip acclimating IS adding tank water to the bag/bowl/bucket/whatever.. Personally i prefer drip acclimation because its the lazy persons way lol, but you can just get a shot glass and put in a glass full from your tank to the bag/bowl every five minutes or so for like 30-40 minutes for most corals.

As for acclimating corals and shrimp together...well...were they in the same tank at the store? If they were in the same system, then yes, but if it was on a separate system from all the corals, no, you need to do them separately.

What type of corals are we talkin about by the way?

kar93 10/25/2007 08:37 AM

toadstool, mushrooms & Zoas

Musho3210 10/25/2007 09:03 PM

i barely acclimate corals, so far so good..... Just float them, then double the bags water at once, wait about a minute or two, then dump them in.

aaron L 10/27/2007 03:48 PM

I have never acclamated a coral. Just to temp.

trojank 10/29/2007 10:42 PM

I just take the coral out of the bag and for about two minutes until it slimes over then put it in the tank. The coral then sheds the protective coat and acclimates to the water. This has always worked for me. I have only lost one coral and that was three years ago

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