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cpage3 12/17/2007 12:42 AM

gas bubble in firefish belly
Hey all,
I was able to obtain two juvenile helfrich firefish and have had them now for three days. They are small no bigger than 2" each and because of this I have them in a small hang on seperater (permeable to flow) in my 55 reef (to give them special attention and feeding for a while).
They have been eating like champs and are accepting ground cyclopeeze pellets, and the occasional spectrum pellet (when they can fit it in their mouth). \
My problem is that I am fairly certain that one of the firefish incidentally ingested an air bubble when feeding on the surface. I noticed this because he is swimming in a downward motion and harder than the other one. He is still eating but is their anything I can do to help him pass this air bubble?
I know that eating off of the surface is not natural for them and am planning to try and make the pellets sink from now on.
Please let me know your thoughts on this situation

Thank you,

Snowboarda42 12/17/2007 02:24 AM

Unfortunately there is not much you can do. This sounds more like a swim bladder problem than just a bubble in the fish's intestinal tract. And most of the time this ends up being either a life long problem for the fish, if not killing the fish due to its need to swim much harder than it should. All you can really do is feed the fish foods that are enriched (Selcon, Vitamin C, etc.) and hope for the best.

BTW, a pic might help as well.

BangkokMatt 12/17/2007 03:23 AM

It does sound like a swim bladder problem. Sprung, in Reef notes 4, says that you can burst the bladder by inserting a needle up the fishes anus and popping the bladder. Pretty grim I know but thats what some do. I don't think I would like to try it but that is a tried technique.

cpage3 12/17/2007 07:55 AM

The fish was swimming fine when i put him in their, it was just yesterday that I noticed this. Anyway the bubble passed and now he/she it is swimming fine now. So, Everything seems to be cleared up. Thank you guys for your replies


BangkokMatt 12/17/2007 08:22 AM

Great news! I'm glad you didn't get the needle out LOL

adtravels 12/17/2007 09:47 PM

just a fart was needed, sticking needles inyo fish is for vets and pervs:)

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