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Paul B 05/08/2006 07:46 PM

[QUOTE]Paul, what are you using for substarte? Crushed Coral or maybe sand with Garf Grunge?[/QUOTE]

The substrait is dolomite. It was put in there long before Garf was in business.

Steven M 05/08/2006 07:58 PM

pic of my 210[IMG] [/IMG]

reefrubble 05/08/2006 08:51 PM

Where did you get that pic Steven,your tank looks way better than that? That camera isn't doing your justice. I have seen this tank ,and take it from me,it looks a lot better than that pic. Ted

Steven M 05/08/2006 08:57 PM

I had to make it that small to fit my gallery, lost most of the quality.

reefrubble 05/08/2006 09:09 PM

Ok now I understand. Ted

reefnewbie54321 05/08/2006 09:15 PM

steven, great tank ... zoos and sgrooms are my favorite

reefnewbie54321 05/08/2006 09:17 PM

[QUOTE][i]<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=7328134#post7328134 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by gobygoby [/i]
thats green star polyps. I had some zoas growing on the overflow, but they didnt take off as well.

GOby [/B][/QUOTE]

never would have guessed ... what lighting do you use I like the pink look

gobygoby 05/08/2006 10:59 PM

[QUOTE][i]<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=7329040#post7329040 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by reefnewbie54321 [/i]
[B]never would have guessed ... what lighting do you use I like the pink look [/B][/QUOTE]

the lighting consists of 4 x 36" VHO's 2 x Actinic and 2 x 50/50 daylight bulbs.


reefnewbie54321 05/09/2006 10:27 PM

lets see some more ...

gflat65 05/14/2006 06:02 PM

Here are some of the 'wife's' tank;). It is a 20L with (2)-75W VHO's, one MJ 600, and a Magnum 250 HOB.

gflat65 05/14/2006 06:03 PM

Some close ups. It looks a bit crowded, but just about everyone is playing nice;).


reefnewbie54321 05/14/2006 11:37 PM

That tank looks alot bigger then it actualy is

Nagel 05/15/2006 12:45 AM


Love the tank, AND the sig.. One of my favorite songs for sure..

gflat65 05/15/2006 10:12 AM

Thanks for the compliments:). It was built from spare parts I had around the house (and rock, etc., from other displays).

Nagel- I've heard rumors, that I'm sure you've heard, too (not too hard to find;)). Maybe New Years?

nutshells 05/23/2006 02:16 PM

nice tanks...

reefnewbie54321 05/26/2006 10:09 PM

Dont let it die ... theres more softie tanks out there

fservillon 05/29/2006 11:11 AM

Ok, here's mine. Just switched over to a cube.











crrichey 05/29/2006 02:33 PM

Very nice, that is the secod softies BB setup! What kind of filtration do you have?

Timothy01 05/29/2006 02:39 PM

fservillon what size is your cube and what size seios are you useing

reefnewbie54321 05/29/2006 08:35 PM

Every time a see a cube it kinda made me wish I had went with one ... I also think that is the 1st BB tank I didnt notice the bare bottom. It realy sims to fit the look of the tank.

finding nemo 05/29/2006 09:30 PM

Beautiful gflat and fser, love your cube.
Gflat, I just love the colors you have and the coraline is outrageous

gflat65 05/29/2006 10:52 PM

Just running VHO's and minimalized maintenance;). The coralline just explodes in there. Thanks for the compliments. The wife is very proud of it:).

michaelm2431 05/30/2006 06:42 AM


george_grat 05/30/2006 08:18 AM

My tank 90g with Soft, LPS and SPS Corals.

[url=]My Reef Tank 90g[/URL]

george_grat 05/30/2006 08:21 AM


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