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Eve 05/30/2006 10:10 AM

My 90 gallon tall - pic is a little dark but you get the idea :)


reefnewbie54321 05/30/2006 02:41 PM

george- that sea apple is pretty cool ... hope you dont have a cuke nuke

3 more great tanks

dqualls 05/30/2006 04:03 PM

Here's my 55 gal. Will be upgrading to a 120 in a month.


reefnewbie54321 05/30/2006 07:39 PM

wow that bubble coral is pretty shiny

fservillon 05/31/2006 01:19 AM

chincheck, i just use lr and coralife superskimmer 65.
timothy, its a 60 gallon, 2'x2'x2 and seios are 1500 and 1100.

fservillon 05/31/2006 01:48 AM

thnx for compliments everyone. i spraypainted the back and bottom black so they match. there's more color in the tank, just don't know how to use the camera yet. i wasn't into bb's before but thought i'd try it since i was battling cyano real bad. ever since going bb, no cyano, no algae issue, just magfloating the glass every couple of days. maintenance is a breeze with bb.

george_grat 05/31/2006 03:39 AM

[QUOTE][i]<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=7464633#post7464633 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by reefnewbie54321 [/i]
[B]george- that sea apple is pretty cool ... hope you dont have a cuke nuke

3 more great tanks [/B][/QUOTE]


Raphael 06/01/2006 05:16 AM

Paul B, I'm a real newbie. What fish is on the first picture you posted, I am thinking of getting it.

reefnewbie54321 06/01/2006 07:29 AM

I'm not Paul but I can answer that

Copperband Butterfly


Raphael 06/01/2006 07:42 AM

Thanks, how many gallons do they need?

Paul B 06/01/2006 05:07 PM

Raphael. they are not really a newbe fish. They should be fed live black worms, small pieces of fresh clam, mysis, plankton etc. They get about 5" long but they stay stunted in a tank and may grow to 4" depending on how large the tank is. You can keep them in a 50 gallon tank but of course bigger is better. If the tank was just set up I would wait a year or so.
They were always my favorite fish and I have been keeping them for over 30 years. Make sure it is eating in the store, a lot of them are caught with cyanide and do not survive long.
Here's mine


reefnewbie54321 06/01/2006 06:39 PM

I heard there vicious coral nippers ... have you had any problems?

Flatlander 06/01/2006 07:01 PM

As Paul & I once talked about, my 2yr. old copperband had a liking for my crocea clams. But he,s such a lovable friend, I sold all four of my clams and kept him. :lol:

He has not bothered anything else yet and my new 75g,is designed with him in mind, corals and all. :) He does get a supermarket "live clam" {frozen}, daily and cleans 'em out shiney.

Paul B 06/01/2006 07:38 PM

I have had a bunch of them and so far none of them nipped anything that I could tell. I have a clam which this one ignores. I also only have LPS and one sps so I can't comment on those.
Reefnewbe, I took a picture of your twin avitar and this long nose butterfly in Bora Bora. Longnoses are just about the same as copperbands in temperment and diet.

By the way, her name is Clemintine.


stlpvosrt4 06/01/2006 10:28 PM


Konadog 06/01/2006 11:12 PM

Congratulations! You guys made this thread "June's Thread of the Month". :thumbsup:

reefnewbie54321 06/01/2006 11:49 PM

Paul, Bora Bora must have been great. I'm going on my first scuba trip in less then a month. Only in the keys though.

stlpvosrt4, another tank that has plants in the display ... looks great. What type of algae do you have in there? I cant realy tell from the picture, I think I see some halimeda.

Konadog, pretty cool being thread of the month. When I first started this thread I didnt really like soft corals but after seeing everyones tanks I'm hooked.

Konadog 06/01/2006 11:54 PM

I have seen some great tanks here. There are some amazing softie tanks out there!

stlpvosrt4 06/02/2006 05:13 PM

reefnewbie54321, thanks for the comments. Yes, it is halimeda. It grows so fast that I have to prune it once a month. You can tell from this picture that when I forgot to trim the halimeda my GSP actually grew around it. I actually like how it turned out though.

Here is a close up of my Anthelia that is now a foot in a diameter.

Raphael 06/03/2006 06:15 PM

Sorry, I have not replied. I have an 80 gallon tank. Will they go with false percs, cleaner shrimp and a royal gramma?

fservillon 06/04/2006 12:18 AM

here's more pics of my cube with only actinics on. i'm trying to get a hang of this digi cam.









Raphael 06/04/2006 05:34 PM

Anyone, will the fish go together?

reefnewbie54321 06/04/2006 08:48 PM

There a peaceful fish and will do fine with the things you listed

This compatibitly chart is pretty on the ball and I tend to use this alot ... might be some use to you


Raphael 06/05/2006 05:15 AM

Thanks, it just doesn't show the shrimp.

lepion 06/05/2006 01:52 PM

could not upload a picture so there is a tread...


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