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ericunderwater 01/01/2008 08:37 PM

Not sure about my alk
Did some testing on my water today. Think my alk may be a lil high. I know my calcium is alk-12.6dkh ph-8.4
Is this ok?If not how can I fix it???:confused:

stingythingy45 01/01/2008 08:44 PM

I'd just let it alone.
Do you dose anything for Alk,PH or Cal?

ericunderwater 01/01/2008 09:03 PM

No I don't right now. I would like to start keeping sps corals....thats been a real challenge for me past times I've tried it.I will be using the 2 part if I start. Hpw does that work anyway...anyone here use the 2 Little Fishies brand?If so how often do you dose and all at once our different times of the day?

dover101 01/01/2008 10:38 PM

I would buy in bulk,you get much more for your money verses using pre bottled mixtures.Be careful when adding alk. and calcium, go slow,if it precipitates it can really mess up a power head, I ruined a seio reo doing it too fast.

NealNano 01/01/2008 11:47 PM

Ya your alk is a little high. Your not dosing anything? What salt mix are your using. It my be out of balance if your are not dosing any alk or calcium to the tank. Water changes are always the best way to fix ANY water quality problem.

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