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Pickup in Phila - 120 RR setup - entire package

Pickup in Phila - 120 RR setup - entire package

Due to the arrival of our 2nd son this year, and a new 180 gallon sps tank that is taking up all of my time, I have decided to sell my 120 gallon setup. Keeping 2 larger tanks is just too much right now. I would like to sell the whole system together. I am not parting this out. Local pickup only.

Includes: (Prices are what I paid)
120 Gallon RR AGA tank with dual corner overflows 517.15
Cherry wood stand The nice kind 564.00
Hamilton 2X 175W MH with 2X 110W VHO Actinic bulbs (I think I paid at least 750.00 when I got them)
Large CPR Hang on Refugium with Pump 157.99
T-5 fixture for Refugium (24) - 59.99
E.T.S.S. Protien Skimmer with Pump (Paid 250.00)
Gen-x PCX 40 - 144.99
Koralia #3 and #4 - 90.00
dual wave maker - 44.99
ProHeat 500W titanium heater with external controller 59.99
Sea Swirl (Just refurbished by the manufacturer) 184.99

Yellow Polyps -25.00 (about 50)
Kenya tree - 15.00
Marine Betta (my favorite fish) 45.00
Bright green ricordia rock (7 heads) 40.00
Gold yuma rock (Covered) -45.00
2 coral banded shrimp 30.00
100 (ish) snails 50.00
Pulsing finger leather coral 15.00
Yellow leather coral 20..00
Bright orange ricordia 15.00
Colony of button polyps with plating coraline 25.00
75lbs of live rock 200.00

3,384.09 Total.

1,700 gets it all.