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20gallon ricordea build thread

hey guys well im going to be building a 20gallon ricordea tank heres the specs

20gallon long glass aquariam which is in the garage atm
2" fiji pink live sand bed fine grain
2 hydrocor nanos(tunzes would be too much flow for ricordea)
15-20lbs of lr.(going for less rock due to ricordea being naturally found on the sand bed. the lr ill be covered in corline,zoos and gsp)
a hob filtere moded with activated carbon and cheto and lr
my neighboor has a ton of stuff hes gave me so im going to pick them up tomorrow to c what i can use.
as for lighting definantly a t-5 setup. mhs are great and i run them on my sps/reef tank but they dont truly bring out the color morphs on the ricordeas/mushrooms. idk if it will be a retro kit or a pendant havent decided. I am going to my lfs tomorrow to get all the equiptment. No skimmer will be used because ricordeas love the nutrients. weekly water changes will be done to ensure trace elements and reduce trate,trites,no4,p04 list is going to be very light so here it is

hippo tang
sail fin tang
naso tang
pb tang
achilles tang sounds good for a 20gallon nano dont u think jk

heres the real one
royal gramma
fire fish
maybe some other very small fish

so what do ya guys think pics will be posted first thing in the morning. this will be a % 99.9 ricordea dominated tank. the aquascaping will be 3 little stadium like structures and inside the structures will be ricordea. maybe ill add a scoly or a brain idk going to be very colorful no doubt and will be succesful

any additional input would be greatly appreciated