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Onward with the tour!

This is a shot from the beach around the corner from our resort. I'd say about a 4 minute walk. Pretty close all things considered. We went snorkeling here one day the week we were there. In the background of this photo is Diamond Head, which we hiked up/toured one day (those photos are in the massive batch that have to be processed).

So after a long first full day on Oahu the crew (me, mrs VR, mrs VR's mom, and her mom's hubby) went to a luau to start the trip of right. Here's a not so great shot of the two of us at sunset enjoying a nice, non-alcoholic fruity beverage (up, that's tasty adult beverages for us. If she couldn't drink then I decided I wouldn't).

A few shots from the evening at the luau. This was one of the flower ceremonies. They would climb up and toss a shower of flowers over the crowd. There was a whole story behind the ceremony but I really can't remember all of it. It was really cool though.

This "villager" was demonstrating tossing of the fishing nets and bringing them back in.

And these two went out in an outrigger canoe and demonstrated another fishing technique.

Sunset at the was a beautiful evening and really good food.

Now if you'll excuse me....I need some more iced tea before posting up the next leg of our adventure......
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