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Ahh....much better....back to our trip.

Some random shots from Waikiki....

These tiki statues were outside of the Army Museum about a 10 minute walk from the resort. I thought they were cool.

This next photo was the only time I was stopped dead in my tracks out of dis-belief. I mean, I thought I had seen it all and then we turned the corner and saw this place. The photo speaks for itself.

And so that's about it for Oahu. We were there for a week and it was quite a wonderful time. Our second week was on the Big Island. MUCH different from Oahu in landscape, "speed of life", and even in cost.

Rainbow Falls, literally a 3 minute walk off the road. Couldn't tell you what city it was near....I think it was just north of Hilo.

We stayed in the city of Kona. A nice, slow paced, seaside city. Just a couple quick shots from the street.

My ugly feet showcasing a rather neat "sign" in the sidewalk right outside one shop we were leaving.

And a beautiful mural at one of the public parks along the seashore.

Alright for the pics you were really waiting for....the Parker Ranch......up next.
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