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The Parker Ranch is the largest, oldest operational ranch on the Big Island. 153,000 acres currently of prime cattle and horse land. At its peak the ranch was 250,000 acres. Sadly none of the existing family wanted to continue running the ranch so it was turned over to a trust that continues its operation. We took a 2 hour horseback ride on the ranch early one morning. Very windy. The cool part was that it was a real in we had to fully control our horses. This was NOT a "nose to tail trail ride". We were both in heaven the whole time. First time ever I got to gallop a horse across a rolling field....I never wanted to leave.

One of the ranch's stags...

Horses at the ranch out grazing...

Cattle out in the pastures...

My view for the 2 hour ride. The horse head was my mount, Tennessee. A fiesty guy that I was given when the lady who was supposed to be assigned to him got scared of him.

Mrs VR on her horse PJ...

Me and my ride for the day, Tennessee. Tell me I don't belong on horseback...I look pretty dang good on horseback if I do say so (and mrs vr said so!)...

As I mentioned, Tennessee was a fiesty one. Mrs VR got a shot of me reminding Tennessee exactly who was the boss on this ride. Our guide commented that I did a great job of keeping him under control...better than some of the other riders that she had recently had on him.

And just for you horse folks...I got a shot of this guy. Yes, it's a good looking horse but it's the saddle that is the real point of interest. The saddle was a hand made Hawaiian rancher saddle that many of the ranch hands use for their personal horses. It was a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship.

Almost done! One final set of shots to go!!!!
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