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Originally posted by MarkS
Ever notice that bikini-clad women are conspicuously absent in Hawaii pics posted on RC?

Because 1) we were only twice on a beach for any extended period of time when they were out....2) we were snorkeling both times and I wasn't leaving my camera unguarded on the beach....and 3) I didn't need to get slapped by my wife....or any of the other folks that look at you a little funny when you have a camera on a crowded beach. Plus these days you can't tell who's underage and who's not so I find it best not to stare OR take pics

Yes, mrs vr is sitting right next to me as I type this

As to the reef shots...we tried with a film underwater camera but there was no point. We never got to any of the really good reefs to snorkel and my wife can't SCUBA since she's pregnant, but hey you gotta leave something to do on the next trip. Maybe next time.
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