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Originally posted by dc
Beautiful pictures VR..

Thanks. This is just a quick compilation of the many snapshots that mrs vr and I took with our little pocket cameras. I never used mine as much as I did on this trip...carried it almost everywhere, especially days when I didn't want to pack the "beast".

We still have hundreds of other shots from the big cameras that I've been slowly weeding through. Almost done. Then the work on processing them begins. Joy. Lots of other things we did and places we went that are in those pics....Diamond Head, Volcanoes National Park, the Dole Plantation, one of the black sand beaches, etc.

But we got some really awesome shots from the little cameras (like the sunset) that I think we will print. I'd love to see how that one sunset shot looks printed in like 16"x20". I also have a second shot of the fish net toss where the net is fully opened in the air that would be cool to print. I've got some ideas
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