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Originally posted by MarkS
I understand! Very nice pics!

[size=small]Is she asleep yet? [/size]

LOL! Yup, she's out. And I will get slapped for this later but I was seriously not kidding about the age thing. Girls did NOT look like that when I was a kid. I happened to see one pair of girls walking down the beach and I went "Hmmmh"....and then I saw their mom (very obvious it was their mom....especially when they say "did you get the money mom?") approach them and hand them some money to take surfing lessons and sign some consent form and all I could think was "thank god I'm married...I would NOT want to be playing the dating game today!!!" Too freaking dangerous!!!

And had that been *my* daughter she would not have been wearing that skimpy of a bikini!

Somehow I think I'm going to be one of those dads who doesn't let his daughter date until she's 30 (if we have a girl...still have weeks to go before we can find out!).
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