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Posts: 1,660 was VERY hard to come back to Ohio! I was trying everything to stay in Hawaii. I was even trying to negotiate with our guide on the horseback ride to come work for her mucking stalls on her own ranch (she has 20+ horses on her own ranch just a short distance from the Parker Ranch). I was desperate. It was such a beautiful place. We weren't home but 24 hours when I turned to mrs vr and said "this bites...what's it going to take to get you back on a plane?" Mind you, she was sick the *entire* flight home so the idea of getting on a plane is not something she wants to think about for a long time.

DC....yeah, but then again I was looking at some old late-gradeschool/early high school photos and NO, they sure didn't look like that back then!

wizardgus...the sad thing is you're right! There were a few of those big old men with gold chains and Speedos that were gracious enough to bring their young nieces with them Frightening. Truly frightening.

Cheryl...We did indeed have a wonderful time. Though it will be many years before it happens again, we WILL go back. Different islands perhaps but we will go back. There was a ton of stuff we didn't do or see so plenty of reasons to go. Such a different feel to life down there. I just can't say much more than it was simply wonderful.
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