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Re: T 5 question

This is just based on my experience and what i do. I've had two tanks with T5s and i'm quite satisfied with the setups. I've also tried MH but i like T5 better.

1. How well do they work?
They work very well and the level of customization you can do in terms of look of the tank is very good. You can mix and match bulbs to achieve the look you really want, something impossible with MH.

2. About how many wats would one need per gal. with these bulbs?
There are just a few things you need to keep in mind as oppose to watts per gallon. Make sure you get good reflectors per bulb, a good ballast, and good quality bulbs. Given the above then if the length of the bulb covers most of the tank then you should be ok for most tank unless if you have a very deep tank. Depth wise I have a 30'' tall tank and i can grow SPS and clams on the sandbed.

3. Can you use only these fixtures for corals or do you need other lights?
You can use T5 as your only source of light.

4. What kind of corals/clams can you keep with these lights?
Anything really, T5 are really bright.

5. How often do bulbs need to be changed?
Once a year for me but some people change them every 1.5 years.

6. Can these T5 HO fixtures be used for hard corals in place of MH lighting with success?